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Six Dimensions in the wine analysis of Nautiskelija
Five main sections with subsections
Translations of the database words used
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Nautiskelija, a subscription based independent wine publication, is only in Finnish. The number of tasting notes is the highest in Finland. Our pages include a tasting note database (Viiniarvioiden haku) of Finnish retail sale wines, including
  • standard and sale-to-order range of liquor monopoly Alko and
  • the wine assortment of Silja Line and Viking Line.

There exist also tasting notes covering the top or famous wines of the wine world.

On the 31st of December 2004 the database included 3681 (year earlier 2873) tasting notes. The share of wines of the standard range of Alko accounted 68,5 % (69,0 %) and the sale-to-order range 8,6 % (8,0 %). The wines of Silja Line and Viking Line accounted, respectively 4,3 % (3,4 %) and 3,0 % (3,3 %). There were altogether 267 (192) tasting notes for the wines for in the Finnish-Swedish ferries at the end of 2004. There were 574 (469) tasting notes, 15,6 % (16,3 %) of total, for special wines (in Finnish erikoisviinit). Some of the wines are also for sale in other sources and many special wines are for in restaurants.

On the 11th September 2005 database included 4102 tasting notes. The limit of 4000 tasting notes was surpassed at the beginning of summer

The annual subscription service with annual (12 months) subscription fee EUR 32,00 was inaugurated on the seventh of June 2002. An introductory subscription of month costs six euros. The publication is information oriented. The use of photos and other pictures is kept in minimum. We do not not include any direct or indirect advertising.

In addition of precise tasting notes and the wine theory of Nautiskelija called the essence of wine (Viinin ominaisuudet), the publication covers
  • wine and related book reviews
  • a dictionary (Juomasanasto) where new items are added constantly
  • major and minor grape variety descriptions including their general ratings
  • principles of wine and food matching (Viini ja ruoka)
  • Articles with tasting notes and background information are published in Thematic tasting section (Teemamaistelut) or Special wines articles (Erikoisviinien maistelu). The latter wines are mainly world famous wines with very limited supply.
  • In addition there exist also current recommended wines, a drinks related quotations (in Finnish Juomaviisaudet), weekly wine oriented quiz (Visailu) and the vision (Toiminta-ajatus) of the Nautiskelija publication and many other articles.

Our customers are quality oriented and have a critical attitude towards consumer goods like wines and drinks. Excellent wine is one of the most profound enjoyments of the human being that appreciates intense and complex tastes.

However, Nautiskelija is not a glossy life style publication as it is our intention to share our experience of wines and other drinks.

Wine appreciation is a personal experience. We help you develop your own style and understand what experts mean .

Nautiskelija (Connoisseur) gives wine points on six dimensions on a hundred points scale. The aim of scaling is to provide a summary for easy readers easy readers who may not have the time to read (all) of the verbal notes. However, the notes of the chosen wine ensure that the wine will fulfil appreciations and specifications of the reader. Every analysis is based on the quality of a wine at the tasting moment. Optimum drinking age can be very short maybe just a couple of years for many top wines in the hectic modern world.

You can also order (Tilaa Nautiskelija) on the 12 months subscription fee of 32 euros by Visa or Eurocard or Nordea Solo payment system. However, the order form is only in Finnish. The Finnish text "Sisältö näkyy vain tilaajille" after the topic indicates that the content is shown only for subscribers. The tasting notes will first be published in the database and later some samples are presented in the Kuukauden viinit (Monthly wines) and Teemamaistelut (Thematic tastings) sections.

Six Dimensions in the wine analysis of Nautiskelija

Enjoyment In Finnish Nautittavuus (abbreviated N)
Basic Points Peruspisteet(P)
Potential points Potentiaaliset pisteet (PP)
Acidity content Hapot (H)
Astringency Tanniinit (T) and
Sweetness Makeus (M) when appropriated

Basis points are more appropriate than enjoyment points for critical and experiences wine lovers.

In tasting, the balance is analysed both inside the nose and inside the mouth separately. In the text it is mentioned if they have different balance level (as is in some cases). Wines are tasted in a 21 cl ISO standard tasting glass that gives different olfactory analysis compared to non-standard glasses. In the mouth wine is always sputtered in order to get every corner into contact with wine. Also the amount of tasting wine has to be large enough in order to emulate the normal wine drinking situation.

Five main sections with subsections

The pages are divided into the five main sections:

MONTHLY WINES (Kuukauden viinit) The monthly articles are divided to red and white wines. The wines are listed in the rising price order. Annually almost twenty Monthly wines –articles are published. Each article includes comments about the wines related topics. The aim of these articles is to give the insight into the assortment of Alko.

DATABASE SEARCH (Viiniarvioiden haku) is the major help for wine consumers. On the 11th of September 2004, there existed 4102 tasting notes and at the end the year 2003 2 873 tasting notes. The maximum amount of searchable variables in each wine is 21. The classification includes, among others, Acidity (Hapokkuus, abbr. H) and Tannins (astringency) (tanniinit, abbr. T) in numerical values. The aim of scaling of various points is to give overview the balance and style of the wine. Quality (fine) wines must have at least 80 quality points in the hundred points scale.

ESSENCE OF WINE (Viinin olemus) explains what the wine is about (for Connoisseur). This part has five subsections:
  • Analysis (or essence) of wine (Ominaisuudet) consists of six properties and their balance. The properties are Elegance and finesse (tyylikkyys), Fruitiness (hedelmäisyys), Acidity (hapot), Intensity (voimakkuus), Aromas (aromit) and Tannins or astringency (tanniinit) and their balance (or harmony).
  • History of wine will later consist of different articles about wine from ancient to modern times.
  • Thematic tastings (Teemamaisteluita)
  • and
  • rare and top wine tastings (Erikoisviinien maisteluita).

WINE KNOWLEDGE SECTION (Tietosivut) is divided into five subsections. The pages give wine and drinks related background information.
  • Wine and food (Viini ja ruoka) gives general principles of wine and food matching without strict recommendations. Nautiskelija encourages readers to develop a personal taste in order to find the styles that give each one most satisfaction. Modern wines are versatile multipurpose ones. Readers are encouraged to make new adventures in the gustatory world.
  • Wine and drinks dictionary (Juomasanasto). New keywords are added regularly.
    Tasting dictionary (Maistelusanasto) explains the meaning of the words used in the tasting notes.
  • Grape varieties (Rypäleet) gives background information about 200 major and minor grape varieties with their potential quality rating. Nautiskelija uses only French based names or English ones, but varieties can be searched by the local and national synonyms.
  •  Recommended reading (Kirjallisuus) is the list of books for various categories.
  • Weekly quizzes (Visailu). The aim of quizzes is to motivate readers interested to gather and test theoretical information.

ARTICLES(Artikkelit) with events, book reviews and opinions. Articles are based on the observations and knowledge of Nautiskelija and its editor.
In addition there is an ARCHIEVE (Arkisto) which is updated on a monthly basis. In the upper right corner of front page there is also the search function. The simple search of search function (Etsi) is based on the string in the headline but there exists also string search of contents of articles.

FEEDBACK (Palaute) can also be given.

Translations of the database words used

Viinin nimi Name of Wine including producer

Maa Country of origin in Finnish. String search.

Viinityyppi Wine type

Alternatives are Any (Kaikki), Red wine (Punaviini), White wine (Valkoviini), off-sweet white wine (Välimakea viini), Sweet wine (Makea viini), Sparkling wine (Kuohuviini), Rosé (Roseeviini) and Liqueur wine (Väkevä viini).

Hinta Price in euros (for Finnish retail wines

Nautittavuuspisteet Enjoyment points

These can differ from basic points (pisteet or abbr. P) In modern young wines enjoyment is often the most important criteria. If enjoyment is lower than total points it indicates that intellectual satisfaction dominates.

Alkon numero Identification code of Alko for appropriate wines. (Alko is the Finnish state monopoly alcohol shop.)

Saatavuus Retailer

Alternatives are for the retail monopoly Alko standard range (Alko) and sale-to-order range (Alkon tilausvalikoima) and for the ferries Silja Line and Viking Line. A wine that is not available in Finnish retail sale is classified as a Special wine (Erikoisviini) Most top wines in the database are in the Special wine category. This in turn means that they might be available from a Finnish wholesaler.

Maistelupäivä Tasting date Interval search.

First is day, secondly month and lastly year separated by period. All the wines dated according to the tasting date. Majority of the tastings have taken place during the latest millennium but a few older exist also.

Viinialue Wine growing area. String search.

Classification in from larger ones (like state) to the smallest (generally official classification like AOC or DOC(G)).

Tuottaja Producer

Producer includes in many instances the name of the parent company or group (like French LVMH). Sometimes, this means the trademark that is included in the name.

Nautiskelijan luokitus Classification of Nautiskelija

This is very important in the interpretation of points in reference appreciation of the wine. Alternatives are for quality wines worth buying
  • Intermediate (level wine) (Harrastajan viini)
  • Advanced (Asiantuntijan viini) and
  • Expert (Erityisasiantuntijan viini).
Intermediate level (Harrastajan viini) is most common category and the wine should not be too personal to anybody’s taste. Very individual wine gets the classification of Expert level (Erityisasiantuntijan viini). Recommended is also Novice level wine (Perusviini). Other, not recommended, categories are Mediocre value (Keskimääräinen vastine) or Waste of money (Rahantuhlaus).

Arvoviini Prestige wine

Generally these are expensive ones and require at least 85 quality points. Price-quality-relationship is not taken into consideration.

Kellariviini Cellarable wine

This classification requires the wine to have at least five year ability to stay without sign of weakening and preferably to improve or develop. Many can be kept at least five years but they are not given this classification because the cellaring is unlikely to deliver any added value.

Vuosikerta Vintage

Non-vintaged wines are abbreviated by NV

Rypäle Grape variety

Normally in the French spelling. Blends are given general names that refer to the original area or country like "Porvoon tumma sekoite", which translates into Bordeaux red blend or "Espanjan tumma sekoite" that translates into Spanish red blend. (To be precise Porvoo is a Finnish town at the south coast and it is much easier for a Finn to pronounce than the real French word Bordeaux.)

(Perus)Pisteet Basic Points (in quality terms).

Perfect wine must get at least 95 points, at least 90 points is excellent, at least 85 points very good and at least 80 points good. Basic wines must not cost more that 8 euros and must get points between 70 and 79.

Potentiaaliset pisteet Potential points

If potential points are higher than general points (pisteet), it indicates that a wine is at the moment too young. This can mean as short period as half a year.

Hapot Acidity content

Optimum range would be 80-89 points. Less than 80 points indicate a low acidity wine. If the points are below 80 many times the wine can be described flabby especially with the food. On the other hand low acidity wines are normally suitable to every and especially unvinous taste and people who prefer sweeter style in their beverages.

Tanniinit Astringency

Optimum range would be 80-89 points. Less than 80 points indicate a low tannin red wine. If tannin content is low has a red wine resemblance to a white wine and many are interchangeable with it. Low tannin content red wines are suitable to well done meats, stews and poultry. Classic example of low tannin wine is a Beaujolais wine. In a white wine points that start at 60 indicates perceivable bitterness or astringency.

Makeus Sweetness

Sweet wines must have at least 80 points and off-dry (white wines) about 65 points.

Suuntuntuma (Täyteläisyys) Body

Alternatives are Light-bodied (in Finnish Kevyt), Medium-bodied (Keskitäyteläinen) or Full-bodied (Täyteläinen). The body of the wine depends heavily what are reference points and purposes of the writer. To the Nautiskelija body can be described as the amount of extract and maturity or the intensity of mouthfeel. The higher the body the more powerful foods are needed. Cool climate wines are generally lighter bodied.

Nautiskelija background

 The publisher of Nautiskelija (in English "Connoisseur") JWJ-Nautiskelija Oy or in English JWJ-Connoisseur Ltd was founded on the 27th of June 2001 by Tuija Wasko (née Järvinen). The current shareholders are Tuija Wasko (the majority holder), Stephen Wasko, Ismo Järvinen and Riitta Koponen. The first three ones form the governing board. The chairman of the board is Tuija Wasko. Managing director and editor is Ismo Järvinen.

Nautiskelija is an independent publication. The owners have no commercial ties or occupational dependence to wine producers, distributors, restaurants nor retailers in order to eliminate conflict of interests. As far as the editor, born 1965, is concerned the wines (and other quality beverages) have been the major interest of life for him more than ten years.

Updated 7th of October 2005.
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